Watermelon Chess for Pocket PC

This app is the famous Watermelon Chess that people played a while ago. The whole chess board has only 12 pieces and each side races to remove opponet's pieces till the game ends.
Watermelon Chess

Version: 1.0.3

Watermelon Chess by: Locke Corp, last updated: 03/08/2005

Requirements: Pocket PC 2002, ARM or XScale

About Watermelon Chess

Watermelon chess program. Packed with features for beginners to diehard fans. Four preset levels including novice, amateur, pro and diehard for you to play with. The beginners, who are NOT familiar with the game, can play the computer AI without entering tournament mode. The program will provide you with redo/undo buttons to train your thinking. The game is a turn based board game. Each side has 6 pieces. Totally, 12 pieces on the board initially. You can move your piece around by selecting one of your kind and clicking adjacent empty spot to move it. Black and White take turn to move their pieces one at a time. System will remove dead pieces when the pieces are fully surrounded by enemy pieces, i.e. no empty spots to move around. Game ends with anyone having less than 2 pieces. Features include:
  • A Scoreboard program will record the win/lose/draw counts for every play in tournament mode. It is saved under the name of the PDA owner in a database.
  • Four different preset levels for computer AI.
  • Play with human friend option is provided.
  • An early withdraw button T is provided for tournament mode. It saves you time when the tournament enters an un-interesting state or you simply want to take an early withdraw.
  • A help menu is provided for people who are NOT familiar with the Game Rules. (Even the rules are extremely simple).
  • This product requires a registration key to unlock the full version.

Watermelon Chess, compatible Devices

Acer n10, Acer n20, Acer n20w, Acer n30, Asus MyPal A600, Asus MyPal A620, Asus MyPal A716, Asus MyPal A730, Dell Axim X3, Dell Axim X30, Dell Axim X3i, Dell Axim X5, Dell Axim X50, Dell Axim X50v, HP iPAQ h1910/1920, HP iPAQ h1915, HP iPAQ h1930/1940/1945, HP iPAQ h2210/2215, HP iPAQ h3100/3600, HP iPAQ h3700 Series, HP iPAQ h3800 Series, HP iPAQ h3900 Series, HP iPAQ h4150/4155, HP iPAQ h4350/4355, HP iPAQ h5100/5400/5500, HP iPAQ h5450/5455, HP iPAQ h5500/5555, HP iPAQ h6315, HP iPAQ h6320/6325, HP iPAQ h6340, HP iPAQ hw6500 Series, HP iPAQ hx2100 Series, HP iPAQ hx2400 Series, HP iPAQ hx2700 Series, HP iPAQ hx4700, HP iPAQ hx4705, HP iPAQ rx3115, HP iPAQ rx3415, HP iPAQ rx3715, HP iPAQ rz1710, HP iPAQ rz1715, Samsung SPH-i700, Siemens SX56

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